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Training Needs Analysis TNA (3 Jan 2019)

  A Training Needs Analysis or Training Needs Assessment (TNA) identifies individuals current level of competence, skill or knowledge in one or more areas and compares that competence level to the level required for their position or another position within the organization. The difference between the current and required competencies can help determine training needs. […]

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Switchgear Operation and Maintenance (Bahasa Malaysia) (25 & 26 Apr 2018)

  A switchgear is also known as an Electro-Mechanical Equipment or device used to close and open circuit . It is designed and manufactured to operate in various mode of operation, manually, semi-auto or fully automatic suitable to the required application. This particular course is designed to provide advance knowledge and appropriate guidance as to […]

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January Promotion – Grab your free seat now

As we celebrating this new year of 2018, School of Professional would like to give away 3 (three) free seats for selected course in January Session. Selected course as below: Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia (22 & 23 Jan) Mechanical & Electrical Services for Buildings (24 & 25 Jan) Switchgear Operation […]

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Year End Promotion Training

As the end of year is approaching, School Of Professional would like to say Thank You to all our customer for your continuous support by registering our trainings throughout this year. So, we’ll be giving a Special Discounts on our Double Hot Course this December. Sistem Pencegahan Kebakaran : Operasi & Senggaraan Berkesan (20 & 21 Dec) Air Conditioning […]

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School of Professional’s New Logo

  School of Professional (SOP) is a part of business identity by Orest Sdn Bhd, where SOP is organizing and regulating public training or internal (in-house) training for Government Institutions and Private Sector. As a leading training provider in Malaysia, we always evolving our programs and approach to suit and moving forward with the client’s […]

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Machinery Failure Analysis & Prevention (17 & 18 May 2017)

Machinery Failure Analysis & Prevention is presents a systematic approach to fault diagnosis and failure prevention in a broad range of machinery used in the process, manufacturing, power generation and mining industries. The key routes to preventive maintenance are demonstrated through both overview and the study of examples in metallurgical failure analysis, vibration analysis, and […]

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Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineer (3 & 4 May 2017)

Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineer is designed to any individuals, who are not intimately familiar with Electrical Engineering Principles and Practices. Through this course, delegates are expected to learn basic principles of electricity in a simple, easy to understand, format. This course will enable attendees to accomplish straightforward and common calculations associated with voltage, […]

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