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    July 2024

    (1-2) Strategic Approach to Facilities Management(1-2) Electrical Maintenance and Audit(1-2) Schedule Waste Management(3-4) Practical Class - Electrical Wiring For Non Electrical Personel(3-4) Shaft Alignment- Single Indicator (1st Method Pump And Motor)(3-4) Statistical Process Control (SPC)(10-11) Air Compressor - Principles, Operation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance(10-11) IOT for Process Automation(10-11) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – Design & Operation(15-16) Electrical Motor System – Maintenance & Troubleshooting(15-16) Value Stream Mapping For Industry(15-16) Piping Design, Inspection & Maintenance(17-18) Practical Class - Fiber Optic Design, Installation & Testing(17-18) Practical Class - Arduino Essential Hands-On Workshop(17-18) Occupational First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)(22-23) Pumps - Design, Application and Operation(22-23) Root Cause Failure Analysis(22-23) Mastering Technical Report Writing Skills(24-25) Sistem Lift & Eskalator - Operasi & Senggaraan(24-25) Electrical Safety and Risk Management in Workplace(24-25) Strata Management Act in Malaysia(29-30) Mechanical Engineering in Building Services(29-30) Geotechnical Forensic Investigation(29-30) Critical Thinking in Problem Solving & Decision Making(31-1) Civil Engineering for Non Civil Engineer(31-1) Penyelenggaraan dan Rawatan Berkesan Kolam Renang(31-1) Practical Class: Pembinaan Website eCommerce

    Aug 2024

    (5-6) Understanding Of Uniform Building By Law (UBBL)(5-6) Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Engine Driver Preparatory Grade 1 And Grade 2(5-6) Accounting Basic - A Fresh Start(5-6) Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA)(7-9) Professional Competency in External Cabling Fiber Optic CA2(C)(7-8) Cooling Tower - Design, Operation & Maintenance(7-8) Practical Class - Electro Pneumatics System (Operation & Maintenance)(7-8) Stress Management at Workplace(12-13) Fire Fighting System - Design & Standard in Malaysia(12-13) Practical Class - Air Conditioning Maintenance & Installation(12-13) Geotechnical Engineering Basics for non-Geotechnical Engineers(12-13) Machinery Failure Analysis And Prevention(14-15) Basic Piping And Fittings(14-15) Electrical Power Factor & Harmonics(14-15) Basic Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) System(14-15) Practical Class - Website Development Using WordPress(19-20) Mechanical & Electrical Services for Buildings(19-20) Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF/VRV) System Operation & Maintenance(19-20) Teknologi Konkrit Dan Besi Tetulang(19-19) Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)(21-22) Cold Room Operation and Maintenance(21-22) Industrial Sensor & Control System(21-22) Chemical Spill & Splash Handling(21-22) Electricity Supply Act and Electricity Regulations(26-27) Commercial LPG Operation, Safety & Regulations(26-27) Practical Class - Electrical Installation - Inspection & Testing(26-28) Certification For Service Technician Programme (CSTP)(26-27) Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts(28-29) Chiller System-Operation and Maintenance(28-29) Sistem Pembumian dan Pencegah Kilat(28-29) Dandang dan Penjanaan Stim Untuk Boilerman(28-29) Finance For Non Finance Personnel

    September 2024

    (2-3) Air Conditioning Systems For Non Air Conditioning Personnel(2-3) Electrical Power Factor & Harmonics(2-3) Industrial Hydraulics – Systems, Operation & Maintenance(2-3) Steam Turbine - Design & Operation(4-5) BOMBA Fire Certificate: Procedure & Preparation(4-5) Electrostatic Discharge Control(4-5) Basic Pneumatic And Hydraulic System(4-5) Waste Water Treatment Plant(9-10) Earthing & Electrical Protection System in Malaysia(9-10) Introduction to Railway Systems(9-10) Practical Class - HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing(9-10) Understanding the Basics of Slope Stability(11-12) Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineer(11-12) Basic Vibration Analysis(11-12) Practical Class - Indoor Air Quality Control(11-12) Best Practices in Procurement Management(18-19) Emergency Generator Set Operation & Maintenance (Bahasa Melayu)(18-19) Process Control: Instrumentation, Troubleshooting and Problem Solving(18-19) Cold Water and Sanitary Plumbing System (Design and Maintenance)(18-19) Electro-Pneumatics – Systems, Operation & Maintenance(23-24) HVAC Ducting & Piping Design(23-27) L1 Certificate in Fire Risk Inspection(23-24) Substation - Operation & Maintenance(23-24) Sistem Eskalator & Travelator - Operasi, Penyelenggaraan & Keselamatan(25-26) Switchgear Operation and Maintenance (Bahasa Malaysia)(25-26) Steam Boiler - Operation and Maintenance (Bahasa Malaysia)(25-26) HVAC System Technology - Principle & Application(25-25) IATF 16949 : 2016 – for Internal Auditor(25-26) Network Essentials - Configuration & Troubleshooting(30-1) Electricity and Energy Management For Non-Electrical Personnel(30-1) HVAC Cooling Load Calculations and Principles(30-1) Building Fire Protection System(30-1) Calibration Of Measuring Instruments


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