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Understanding Of Uniform Building By Law (UBBL) (7&8 Sept 2023)

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Practical Class – Electrical Wiring For Non Electrical Personel (4 & 5 Sept 2023)

Electrical wiring is an electrical installation of cabling and associated devices such as switches, distribution boards, sockets and light fittings in a structure and subjected to safety standards for design and installation. This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills in electrical wiring installation activities. This course will expose participants on electrical safety, electrical […]

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Practical Class – Electrical Installation – Inspection & Testing (12&13 July 2023)

This particular course is designed to provide advance knowledge and the most relevance approach in inspection and testing for electrical installation system to verify the status of performance. There are number of cases where the electrical installation caused serious disturbances during the daily operation, due to lag of maintenance. With less knowledge and experience the […]

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Practical Class – Indoor Air Quality Control (13-15 June 2023)

One of the most challenging issues facing today’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional is Indoor Air Quality. It has been recognized for many years that communicable disease is more readily transmitted in indoor environments. More recently, we are beginning to appreciate the significance of chronic exposure to air pollutants that accumulate in indoor air. […]

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Switchgear Operation and Maintenance

A switchgear is also known as an Electro-Mechanical Equipment or device used to close and open circuit . It is designed and manufactured to operate in various mode of operation, manually, semi-auto or fully automatic suitable to the required application. This particular course is designed to provide advance knowledge and appropriate guidance as to the […]

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Rigging, Slinging & Lifting Safety Training (12 & 13 June 2023)

Correct procedures when using lifting equipment is vital to ensure safety of operators and the public. This short course is designed to familiarize personnel with various types of rigging and slinging equipment and legislation respecting their use. COURSE OUTLINES DAY 1 DAY 2 WHO SHOULD ATTEND We thank you for your participation in our training […]

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Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia (22 & 23 May 2023)

This course explores the principle and practice of the assessment, evaluation and the provision of recommendations associated with fire safety. Participant will understand the requirement fire Fighting system—design & standards in Malaysia. This course will be particularly helpful to practicing all the participants. COURSE OUTLINES DAY 1 Module 1 – Introduction Fire Protection SystemModule 2 […]

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