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Year End Promotion 2019

Don’t miss special deals and promotions available for our YEP. Enjoy special discounts for each registration and do ask us if you need help or accommodation arrangement. Available courses as below: Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia (23 & 24 December 2019 – Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya) Practical Class – Electrical Wiring For Non Electrical Personel […]

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In-House Year End Promotion 2019

We would like to announce a great deal for our in-house programs.   Only RM 9990/Session!! Courses List. Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineer *HOT (SBL Khas Scheme/Suruhanjaya Tenaga CDP Point/CIDB CCD Point) Chiller System-Operation and Maintenance*HOT (SBL Khas Scheme/CIDB CCD Point) Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia (SBL Scheme/CIDB CCD Point) […]

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Good News For Sabah

School of Professional is going to conduct our signature programs in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Register Now For Early Bird Discount!!! List of Programs: Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia*HOT (30 & 31 October 2019) Chiller System-Operation and Maintenance *HOT (30 & 31 October 2019) Electrical Engineering For Non Electrical Engineer *HOT (30 & 31 […]

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New Year Promotion 2019 – Analisis Keperluan Latihan (TNA)

As we celebrating this new year of 2019, we are ready to welcome you with all the glitz, great courses and more promotions. For this New Year Promotion, School of Professional are proud to give 10 seats FREE and 10 seats with 50% discount for Analisis Keperluan Latihan (TNA) Course giveaway.   Term and condition. Free […]

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