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Heat Exchanger – Design, Operation & Maintenance (17 & 18 May 2023)

This course will feature the importance and relevance of the important and expensive items of equipment known as heat exchangers that are used in a wide variety of industries. It will familiarize engineers and technicians with the various standards and practices used for design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of heat exchangers. To all these engineers […]

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Fire Fighting System – Design & Standard in Malaysia (22 & 23 May 2023)

This course explores the principle and practice of the assessment, evaluation and the provision of recommendations associated with fire safety. Participant will understand the requirement fire Fighting system—design & standards in Malaysia. This course will be particularly helpful to practicing all the participants. COURSE OUTLINES DAY 1 Module 1 – Introduction Fire Protection SystemModule 2 […]

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Practical Class – Air Conditioning Maintenance & Installation (17 & 18 May 2023)

Conditioning system has become the main component in buildings. The participants will be ex-posed to the theoretical and practical aspects of the basic operation and the maintenance of Air Conditioning system. Through this approach, participants will be able to learn the actual case studies for better understanding on air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems as well […]

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Introduction to Railway Systems (15 & 16 May 2023)

Introduction to Railway Systems is aimed to provide basic understanding and technical insights to practising Engineers on Railway Technology and Operational Concept. The course covers a description of the various components of a railway system, the types of railway systems in operation in the world, safety considerations and the complexity in the management of a […]

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Strategic Approach to Facilities Management (11 & 12 May 2023)

This course is designed to Organize, consult and operate your asset and facilities management more efficiently. Developing an appropriate balance between the costs, the risks and the required performance of the physical assets. Provides an integrated approach to asset management development through education & training; requirements gap analysis, mentoring, experience and real knowledge transfer. COURSE […]

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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF/VRV) System Operation & Maintenance (10 & 11 May 2023)

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) as an HVAC solution is growing rapidly worldwide, it’s priciple is delivering the right heating and cooling to every space, using the bare minimum of energy. This course is designed to expand participant’s knowledge on VRF System. Air Conditioning system has become the main component in every buildings and the maintenance […]

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