Machinery Failure Analysis & Prevention is presents a systematic approach to fault diagnosis and failure prevention in a broad range of machinery used in the process, manufacturing, power generation and mining industries.

The key routes to preventive maintenance are demonstrated through both overview and the study of examples in metallurgical failure analysis, vibration analysis, and a sequential approach to machinery troubleshooting and problem solving.


Modul 1 : Introduction to Failure Analysis

Modul 2 : Root cause of failure analysis

Modul 3 : Application of Fractography in Failure Anaysis

Modul 4 : Metallurgical defect and their effect on service properties

Modul 5 : Corrosion failures

Modul 6 : Fatigue Failure

Modul 7 : High temperature failures

Modul 8 : Brittle and ductile failures

Modul 9 : Mechanical Testing

Modul 10 : General practice in failure analysis


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