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School of Professional (SOP) is a part of business identity by Orest Sdn Bhd, where SOP is organizing and regulating public training or internal (in-house) training for Government Institutions and Private Sector. School of Professional also registered as a HRD Corp Training Provider and provide CIDB CCD Point Programs. As a leading training provider in Malaysia, we always evolving our programs and approach to suit and moving forward with the client’s requirement. Our programs help the delegates to improve their skills, knowledge and personal development.

We has developed a comprehensive range of training courses for various fields of technical, management and soft skills programme that have been specifically designed to accurately reflect the training requirements of today’s industry professionals. All training courses are subject to continual audit, and delegates’ assessment is a vital element of each training programme. Now we are growing to become one of the best HRD Corp training provider in Malaysia.

Now SOP already had more than 400 programs and module including engineering, management and softskills program. With the assist of instructors from various backgrounds, we helped our clients to be more competitive in the business world through the latest corporate trends, technologies, strategies and solutions.

SOP Trans Logo 2021

The logo represent our modernity, simplicity and professionalism in our communication with clients and delivering our programs. This design was only one part of our effort to continue our service as a training provider in Malaysia. The realization of this new identity required the collective work and diligence of our crew and staff.

The blue color represent our entity as a part of Orest Sdn Bhd business. We always consider these as a unique and magic moment, where we keep on growing and recognize by the community.

Dot’s Of Commitment

They represent SOP’s Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration and Interactive. Where these element indicate our intelligence and commitment to serve the community. As a leading training provider in Malaysia, we always evolving in line with the needs and requirement from the community and industries.

Color Of Variations

They represent SOP’s variation of programs that been conducted by SOP through the years. As we moved forward creating new program and courses, we hope these variation will continue to deliver the needs that client always required wherever new technology may take us.

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